Thirsty Meeples Board Game Café
Oxford’s first and only board game café, located in the heart of the city.
Open till late every night - now licensed! Over 2,500 games and counting.....

About Us

Our Board Game Journey

Not so long ago Thirsty Meeples discovered a game called Munchkin. Some friends were raving about it, and how much fun could be had in both backstabbing and aiding fellow players. They weren’t wrong. Then Thirsty Meeples stumbled upon the game Carcassonne and a spark ignited. Saboteur, Small World  and Catan followed.

With our children we chuckled over Zombie Dice and stood by dumbfounded in defeat with Chicken Cha Cha Cha. With friends we cried with laughter till it hurt in games of Snorta! and Wits and Wagers. In the late hours we battled the Ancient Ones in Arkham Horror and in the morning we fled the drowning city with pockets full of treasure in Forbidden Island.

We used to think board games equalled Christmas, Monopoly, Snakes & Ladders, Scrabble and Cluedo. We were wrong.

It is this awakening to the possibilities that board games can bring, the social interaction, the mental stimulation, the sheer fun and the post game memories that stay with you for months, that made us decide to open a board game café. This is what we want you to experience at Thirsty Meeples. And it doesn’t matter what games you like to play, it is about the sharing and the enjoying.

At Thirsty Meeples we want you to leave having played some fantastic games, with a Cheshire cat grin on your face and a thirst for more.

About Our Name: Thirsty Meeples

Thirsty: highlights that drinks and refreshments are an essential part of board gaming!

Meeples: A meeple is the name given to the character or object representing the player in a board game. The term was first coined for the distinct player characters in the game Carcassonne. The word meeple is a mash-up of ‘meeting people’ and also ‘my people’ - which reflects our aspiration to bring people together to enjoy great board games. See our Top Ten Meeples.