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10 Days in the Americas

The Unpredictable Game of Making Connections!

Gather your sunglasses, snowshoes and mosquito spray - it’s time to travel to new destinations with the 10 Days Series - the Americas!

Players use destination and transportation tiles to chart a course through North, Central and South America and the Caribbean - touring by airplane, cruise ship or on foot. With a little luck and clever planning, you just might outmanoeuvre your fellow travelers and be the first to make connections for a complete ten day journey!

Players begin by filling their tile holders, drawing and placing tiles into 10 spaces. Each space is a day of a player's trip. Each tile shows a country, a plane, or a ship. Tiles are drawn and placed one at a time, and cannot be moved once placed. Once all players' holders are full, a face-down draw pile is made of the remaining tiles, as well as three face-up discard piles. On his or her turn, a player either takes a face-down tile from the draw pile, or a face-up tile from the top of a discard pile. He or she then decides whether to exchange the new tile with an old one. The tile not being kept is then discarded.

Players are attempting to have all 10 days of their trip connect, either by foot, by plane, or by ship. To connect by foot, countries must be adjacent or connected. To connect by plane, a plane of a certain color must be placed between two countries of the same color. To connect by ship, the ship must be placed between countries adjacent to that ocean/sea (or one ship can connect to another). The first person to build a fully connected trip wins.

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10 Days in the Americas

Designed by: Alan R. Moon, Aaron Weissblum

Published by: Out of the Box Publishing

Genres: Children's, Light Strategy

Ages: 10 and up

Players: 2 to 4

Playing Time: 30 minutes

Year: 2010

This game is available to play in our cafe!


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10 Days in the Americas

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