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In Bakong you are a treasure hunter exploring the Cambodian jungles in search of precious jewelry. You will start at base camp and must explore the jungle in search of temples where the jewels await you and, finally, return in good health. Can you make it through the jungles of Bakong and gain the most jewels?

Bakong is a racing game that is beautifully produced. In the game, players roll two dice - choosing one to move with and a second to flip one of the double-sided board tiles to reveal new locations to move to.

In Bakong, players also carry a rucksack with items for their survival and for keeping the jewels. The goal is to collect as many emeralds as possible and return them to you base camp before the other players (ending the game). However, its the player with the most valuable pieces that will win - so you will have to weigh both speed and safety during the game.

• 24 jungle tiles;
• 1 camp tile;
• 1 Bakong temple tile;
• 6 rucksack counters;
• 6 adventurer counters;
• 2 six-sided dice;
• 6 large emeralds;
• 20 small emeralds (x3)
• 20 small emeralds (x1)
• 12 "ouch" counters;
• 2 sets of 8 items Bakong temple tile;
• 1 "first one back" counter;
• Rulebook.

Designed by: Antoine Bauza

Published by: Asmodee Editions

Genres: Light Strategy

Ages: 8 and up

Players: 2 to 6

Playing Time: 20 minutes

Year: 2009

This game is available to play in our cafe!


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