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Bonbons is a memory game with a little twist. Sweets, who wants sweets? Well everybody, of course! But, you'll need quite a bit of memory and some luck to snatch away the beloved sweets before your opponents do. A cute little memory game but still tricky enough.

Eight types of sweets each in four colours, are hidden in the central 6x6 field, along with four special tiles: three money tiles and one empty package. All tiles in the center of the table are square.

Each player receives four round tiles at random from a set of 32 that match the sweet and colour options on the square tiles. On your turn, you turn over one of your round tiles and a square tile. If they match in both sweet and colour, both tiles stay face up and you take another turn; if not, you turn both tiles face down again.

The little twist is that on your turn you can rob sweets from your opponents. If you turn over a square tile along with a matching round tile in an opponent's possession, you get to keep that face-up round tile and give the opponent one of your face-down round tiles in exchange. Sweet!

In addition, if you reveal the empty package, leave that tile face up and add another round tile to the ones you already have; now you must reveal five tiles instead of four. If you turn over a money tile at the start of your turn, then turn over the other two money tiles, you remove them from play and place them on one of your round tiles, which now counts as being face-up.

The first player to turn all of his round tiles face up wins.


Designed by: Marc André

Published by: Asmodee Editions

Genres: Children's, Light Strategy

Ages: 7 and up

Players: 2 to 6

Playing Time: 10 minutes

Year: 2011

This game is available to play in our cafe!


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