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Carcassonne: Expansion 6 - Count, King & Robber

The sixth large expansion to Carcassonne is actually a compilation of three existing small expansions and a new one:

Carcassonne: King & Scout. Contains 7 additional tiles.

The Count of Carcassonne. Contains a further twelve tiles plus the count (a nice wooden figure). The tiles depict the town Carcassonne itself, which is visited by the Count. When a player places a tile that causes scoring for other players but not for themselves, they may put a follower in one of the four regions of the city. They may also move the Count to a region, imprisoning all followers in that region. Each region corresponds to a scoring method, and when a feature of that type is scored, the player may move their follower to that feature, to share in the scoring or even prevent another player from scoring!

Carcassonne: The River II. Adds twelve tiles with a river and has some differences with the first river expansion because the tiles are designed to combine with all other expansions for Carcassonne. The river tiles are placed first, after that the game continues as normal.

Carcassonne: The Cult. Contains 6 tiles, each showing a picture of a Cult. (Cults are comparable to Cloisters). When a Cloister and a Cult are adjacent, a challenge begins. The player who first encircles his tile gets 9 points, the other player gets nothing.

Carcassonne: Expansion 6 - Count, King & Robber

Designed by: Klaus-Jürgen Wrede

Published by: Z Man Games

Genres: Expansion, Light Strategy

Ages: 8 and up

Players: 2 to 5

Playing Time: 60 minutes

Year: 2008


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Carcassonne: Expansion 6 - Count, King & Robber

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