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Cosmic Encounter

In Cosmic Encounter, players take control of one of over 50 different alien races in an attempt to colonise 5 new home worlds for their race. Will you negotiate or fight your way to victory?

Cosmic Encounter is an updated version of the 1970's classic board game by fan favorite designer Kevin Wilson (Arkham Horror). In this edition are all new plastic ships! These highly detailed spacecraft easily stack up to five high. The aliens themselves get a face-lift with all 50 races having new art and updated rules!

Cosmic Encounter is a fast and easy game of space conquest. Each player takes control of one of 50 space races, each with their own rule-breaking special power. Each player starts with 5 home worlds and 20 ships, and each turn players draw a card to see which alien race they will be challenging. Players must then send a maximum of 4 ships through the 'warp' to attack or negotiate with their target. Both players must now play 'encounter' cards - each encounter card being either an attack or a negotiate card. The cards are then flipped over and the results dealt with, with the successful attacking player receiving a second turn. If not, the turn moves to the next player in line.

Some additional rules have been added by Fantasy Flight Games to Cosmic Encounter including colour codes on for each race to allow players to choose the difficulty level of the game they wish to play. Additional 'Flare' cards expand the aliens’ powers, and can grant access to super powers if they can acquire their personal flare. Lastly, new technologies are added to the game that add a strategic element to their gameplay, as players weigh reducing their defenses while researching technologies to the rule-breaking abilities offered by the tech.

Expanded by:
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Cosmic Encounter

Designed by: Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge, Peter Olotka, Kevin Wilson, Bill Norton

Published by: Fantasy Flight

Genres: Adventure, Strategy

Ages: 12 and up

Players: 3 to 5

Playing Time: 60 minutes

Year: 2008

This game is available to play in our cafe!


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Cosmic Encounter

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Price: £45.00

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