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Ingenious is the abstract board game by Reiner Knizia, the world renowned award winning game designer, played on a hexagonal board. A very simple abstract game but filled with complex strategies due to the hexagonal pieces and board and the multi-coloured scoring pieces.

In Ingenious players place tiles on the hexagonal board. Each tile consists of two joined hexagonal pieces with a coloured symbol on each hex. Players place each tile on the board, looking to score points by placing similar symbols next to one another and using the placement of the tiles to block other players.

At the end of a game of Ingenious, players score all pieces and the player who has the highest score on his lowest-scored symbol set is the winner. A simply ingenious game that provides for hours of fun.


Designed by: Reiner Knizia

Published by: KOSMOS

Genres: Abstract

Ages: 8 and up

Players: 1 to 4

Playing Time: 45 minutes

Year: 2017

This game is available to play in our cafe!


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Price: £25.00

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