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Legendary: Secret Wars - Volume 1

Legendary: Secret Wars - Volume 1, an expansion for the Heroes side of Marvel Legendary focuses on the "Secret Wars" storyline in Marvel Comics.

• 14 new Heroes! 6 new Villain groups! 5 new Masterminds! 8 new Schemes!
• Players can work both with and against other players to defeat the various Battleworlds while laying waste to planet Earth!
• The game features playable characters from the Illuminati, Cabal and favourites from alternate universes including Black Panther, Dr Strange, Namor, Miles Morales, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and Old Man Logan!
• Build your team to battle against the various universes in Battleworld including the Domain of Apocalypse, Monster Metropolis, The Deadlands, Limbo and The Wastelands!
• For the first time ever players can now play AS the Mastermind against the other players!

Published by: Upper Deck Entertainment

Genres: Card and Dice, Cooperative

Ages: 14 and up

Players: 1 to 5

Playing Time: 45 minutes

Year: 2015


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Legendary: Secret Wars - Volume 1

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Price: £28.00

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