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No Thank You, Evil!

Box set for No Thank You, Evil! contains tokens, cards, sheets, dice, and the rule book - everything you need to play the game.

In No Thank You, Evil!, your characters discover that their very own bedrooms have secret doorways that lead into a world of imagination and adventure. Go Into the Closet and encounter a fairy tale land full of queens, witches, dragons, and trolls. When you go Out the Window, you’ll find a whole new world of space travel and undersea adventures, race cars and rockets. Under the Bed is scarier, haunted by goblins, ghosts, and ghoulies, while Behind the Bookshelf leads to stories of superheroes and spies, dinosaurs and demigods.

All of these gateways lead to regions of Storia: The Land Next Door, a world peopled by fantastical new friends who help you save the day against the forces of evil.

No Thank You, Evil!

Genres: RPGs

Year: 2016


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No Thank You, Evil!

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Price: £28.50

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