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Pirate’s Cove

In Pirate's Cove, players take control of a pirate ship, out to plunder the islands and sink Blackbeard, all the while surviving long enough to bury their treasure at Treasure Island. You must win battles against other pirates, fight off the legendary pirate Blackbeard as he seeks to sink you and at the end, brag about your exploits. In Pirate's Cove, at the end of twelve months you must be the richest and most successful pirate of them all, creating a legend that will live ever on.

Pirate's Cove is a light, fame-driven game of pirates and swashbuckling at sea. In Pirate's Cove, each turn players decide which of six islands they will journey to. At each island, players may plunder cards, treasure chests, gold or fame. However, if other players, the Royal Navy or the Legendary Pirate Blackbeard is there, you will have to fight it out. Through a series of dice rolls, players will decide who wins, with the ability to flee at any time at the risk of mutiny!

The only exception to this rule of combat is Treasure Island, where pirates may dock to bury their treasure for additional fame. Gold and treasure chests can also provide additional upgrades to the ship or new cards, depending on the islands and the ports that the players are in.

Overall, Pirate's Cove is a light strategy game that has a strong theme that will work for beginners and fans of pirates. A great family board game, Pirate's Cove continues to attract players long after it's initial release.

Pirate’s Cove

Designed by: Paul Randles, Daniel Stahl

Published by: Days of Wonder

Genres: Light Strategy

Ages: 8 and up

Players: 3 to 5

Playing Time: 90 minutes

Year: 2012

This game is available to play in our cafe!


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Pirate’s Cove

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Price: £33.00

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