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Shadow of the Sun

Shadow of the Sun takes place in the city of Hemloch. The long day is drawing to a close, and the scramble for power before the endless night has begun. Each player will play Minion Cards, in a variety of ways, to add his markers, or attempt to remove is opponent's markers, from the city's 4 districts.

Shadow of the Sun takes place over 8 (or sometimes fewer) Days (or Rounds). During each Day, a Day Card is revealed, each player receives a turn, and there is a Struggle of the revealed Day card. Each player's Markers represent his House's level of influence across the 4 Districts of Hemloch. Through the use of Minion Cards, players are able to add and remove Markers. The games ends at the end of any Day when there are no Day card remaining in the Day Deck, or 1 or more players have no Makers left to place.

Designed by: John Clowdus

Published by: Small Box Games

Genres: Card and Dice

Ages: 10 and up

Players: 3 to 4

Playing Time: 30 minutes

Year: 2013

This game is available to play in our cafe!


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Shadow of the Sun

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