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The Reef

The coral reef teems with vibrantly coloured fish. Neptune has enlisted the aid of the players to breed specific varieties of fish to paint the reef in the colours of the rainbow. First, a player must find a coral card where the parent fish can meet. Then, the player looks for the right parents to produce the fish Neptune wants. All can be found in the waters flowing around the reef. With more reef boats and the right worms, a player is better prepared to succeed in his mission for Neptune.

After arranging the cards to form the reef, players roll dice to collect worms, spend worms to buy cards, use the cards to breed fish to win the game. You need to buy more boats to increase the columns on which you can fish. You need to buy reef cards (5 in total) on which you breed the parents, first to get 5 offspring wins. There are also pearl cards, which act as joker worms, and sharks, which eliminate cards by eating them.

There is a deck of offspring, 4 are dealt up, being combinations of the 5 colours. So there are blue green fish, pink yellow fish, purple purple fish. The parents are in the same colors, some male, some female. So, for example, to collect the blue green baby fish, you need a blue male and green female, or a blue female and green male. Any used cards go to the discard, which gets shuffled round and feed back into the reef. The cost of cards depends on their position on the reef, and there is a rule for flowing cards through past your boats.

The Reef

Designed by: Christine Lehmann, Wolfgang A. Lehmann

Published by: Rio Grande Games

Genres: 2 Player, Card and Dice

Ages: 10 and up

Players: 2

Playing Time: 60 minutes

Year: 2000

This game is available to play in our cafe!


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The Reef

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