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New Releases: 06.12.2016

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May need to re-write Christmas wish-lists with all the fancy new releases coming out including: the limited edition Pandemic Iberia, the GenCon darling New Angeles, the reprint of Robinson Crusoe, the heavy burner The Colonists and one of our favourite games from this year's Essen: Kingdomino.

New Releases: 06.12.2016

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Pandemic Iberia A limited edition production of Pandemic taking players to the Iberian Peninsula in 1848.

Kingdomino We won’t lie to you this is dominoes imitating as a tile laying game and is such good fun. Super nice filler that has its own complexity for those seeking it.

New Angeles One of the most anticipated games from GenCon this year - a happy mixture of negotiation and semi-cooperative set in the Android universe.

Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island (4th Edition) The new edition of the cooperative survival game.

Evolution: Climate A standalone game that introduces climate into the Evolution game system. Also available is a conversion kit for updating original sets of Evolution.

The Colonists Develop your village to maximise employment, education, housing wile juggling limited resources.

Dice Stars Maximise your points by rolling shooting (dice) stars.

Cat Box A new cutesy wootsy cat game that see players laying out and overlapping cards to achieve secret objectives.

Citadels (2016 edition) The café favourite gets a face lift with some extras thrown in, plus there’s a new ‘classic’ version which is a cheaper no expansions version of the original.

The Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport A cooperative deckbuilding game based on the characters and world of The Red Dragon Inn.

The Walking Dead: All Out War A tactical head-to-head game set in the walker-strewn Georgia countryside, based on the characters from the pages of the bestselling The Walking Dead comic series

Pocket Madness A fast-paced card game inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft.

The Princess and the Goblin Aimed at children, a tile-laying memory game.

Android: Netrunner – Martial Law

DreamsFlamme RougeTakenokoArkham Horror: The Card GameRaptor


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