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New Releases: 07.03.2017

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Coming to Thirsty Meeples next week: Tak materialises from the pages of The Wise Man's Fear, pizza gets shared in New York Slice, 'beeples' buzz around in Hive Mind, and space ships flick around the cosmos in Cosmic Kaboom.

New Releases: 07.03.2017

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Tak A two-player abstract strategy game dreamed up by Pat Rothfuss in “The Wise Man’s Fear” and now made real.

New York Slice A re-bake of Piece O’ Cake with players this time dividing up pizza slices to see who can amass the best collection.

Hive Mind A party game from Richard Garfield which introduces the world to ‘beeples’ aka bee pawns.

Cosmic Kaboom A dexterity game with players flicking their space ships around space, collecting energy to power up space bombs and eradicate their enemies.

Ghostel A family game of scaring away hotel guests in worst possible ways.

Ultra-Tiny Epic Kingdoms The already compact Tiny Epic Kingdoms gets hit by a shrink ray to go ultra small to fit in your pocket.

Dungeon Time A real-time cooperative card game, with players entering a fantasy realm with only five minutes to complete missions.

Santorini: Golden Fleece

Legendary: Noir

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game – All Men Are Fools

Tiny Epic Western: Bullet Shapped Dice

ScytheMysteriumTiny Epic GalaxiesTiny Epic KingdomsStar Wars: Imperial Assault – Twin ShadowsTroyesAbove and BelowShadowrun: CrossfireDixit OdysseyConcordia: Gallia / Corsica


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