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New Releases: 07.11.2017

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New Releases Galore! Highlights include Santa Maria, Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate,The Ruhr: A Story of Coal Trade, Alien Artifacts, Chimera Station, Dark Souls: The Board Game, Capital Lux, Lisboa, Transatlantic, The Palace of Mad King Ludwig, Dragon’s Hoard, Munchkin Shakespeare Deluxe, Destination X, Massive Darkness, Space Freaks, Kaiju Crush, Innovation Deluxe and expansions for Splendor, Mysterium & Mansions of Madness.

New Releases: 07.11.2017

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Santa Maria A dice drafting civilisation game that has been gathering some great reviews.

Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate Betrayal at House on the Hill is translated to the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

The Ruhr: A Story of Coal Trade The second game of Thomas Spitzer’s historic coal trilogy

Alien Artifacts From Portal games, a 4X-style card game set in the far reaches of space as you seek to expand your knowledge and power.

Chimera Station A worker placement game with a twist - you get to customise your workers every turn.

Dark Souls: The Board Game Based on the video game, the cardboard version promises to be as brutally hard.

Capital Lux A simple card game but with plenty of strategy and bluffing.

Lisboa A strategy game focussing on the reconstruction of Lisboa after the great earthquake of 1755.

Transatlantic An economic game of building ships as you seek to expand your shipping company.

The Palace of Mad King Ludwig A sequel to The Castles of Mad King Ludwig with entirely new game play.

Dragon’s Hoard Play a dragon collecting sheep to buy treasures.

Munchkin Shakespeare Deluxe To play or not to play…

Destination X One player is a runaway spy, everyone is looking to hunt them down.

Massive Darkness Using the Zombicide system, play classic fantasy RPG without the need for a game master to control the enemies.

Space Freaks Design and build your own freaks and set them to fight for you.

Kaiju Crush Monsters! Fight! Crush!

Innovation Deluxe A deluxe version of the civilisation card game.

878: Vikings – Invasions of England Can the English nobles withstand the Viking invaders?

Cities of Splendor

Mysterium: Secrets & Lies

Mansions of Madness: Second Edition – Streets of Arkham

Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game - Tears Of Amaterasu

Dixit 8: Harmonies

Concordia: Aegyptus / Creta

Neuroshima Hex: Iron Gang

Cry Havoc: Aftermath

Tiny Epic GalaxiesTerraforming MarsFast Forward: FLEEFast Forward: FORTRESSBloodborne


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