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New Releases 10.01.2017

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The first batch of 2017's releases. A host of Imperial Assault expansions including a brand new campaign set around the notorious Jabba the Hutt. New games come in the shape of Kilt Castle, Mea Culpa and Virus. Plus there are new editions of Robo Rally, Princes of the Renaissance and Ogre.

New Releases 10.01.2017

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Robo Rally An all new edition of the mad cap racing game with a number of new features.

Kilt Castle An abstract strategy game of area control as you seek to control the largest territory.

Mea Culpa Navigate your soul towards heaven and away from Hell in this humorous game of sins and sinners.

Princes of the Renaissance One of Martin Wallace’s first deigns receives a makeover courtesy of Mercury Games.

Virus Explore a military lab in real time as you seek an antidote to Virus Q.

The Vampire, the Elf & the Cthulhu A strategic card game in which players represent writers who are trying to complete a novel together.

Ogre (6th Edition) The futuristic fighting game returns.

Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game Push your luck dice game. Batarangs not included.

Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Eons

Imperial Settlers: Aztecs

Neuroshima Hex! Death Breath

XCOM: The Board Game – Evolution

For Star Wars: Imperial Assault:
Alliance Rangers Ally PackCaptain Terro Villain PackLuke Skywalker Jedi Knight Ally PackJabba the Hutt Villain PackJabba’s Realm

TroyesThe Ladies of TroyesColt ExpressDOOMOnirimDixitElysiumOceanos7 Wonders


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