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New Releases: 12.12.17

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New Releases come in the shape of Nusfjord, Gaia Project, Pandemic: Rising Tide, Rajas of the Ganges, Riverboat, Zendo & Sakura Arms. Plus expansions for: Magic Maze and Dominion.

New Releases: 12.12.17

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Nusfjord Uwe Rosenberg’s latest release takes you back in time to life in a tranquil fishing village in northern Norway.

Gaia Project A new game in the line of Terra Mystica, the setting is now space with planets to terraform and civilisations to build.

Pandemic: Rising Tide Travel to the Netherlands at the dawn of the industrial age to avert tragedy by constructing four modern hydraulic structures to keep the reclaimed land safe from the ocean.

Rajas of the Ganges A game of dice and worker placement as you build your wealth in 16th century India.

Riverboat Another historical themed game, this time set on a farm on the banks of the Mississippi River.

Zendo A new edition of the highly rated abstract game.

Sakura Arms Duel with Japanese goddesses.

Magic Maze: Maximum Security

Arkham Horror: The Card Game – A Phantom of Truth Mythos Pack

Dominion: Nocturne

Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game - Meditations on the Ephemeral Expansion Pack

Great Western TrailKeyperMagic MazeTerraforming MarsTwilight ImperiumKing of TokyoDeep Sea AdventureKeyflowerCamel UpRoom 25Barony


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