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New Releases: 17.10.2017

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Breathe. Releasing this week: Raiders of the North Sea, London (Second Edition), The Expanse Board Game, Insider, Farlight, Meeple War, Crossfire, Red Scare, Arena: For the Gods!, Aeon’s End: War Eternal, Samurai Gardener, Gateway: Uprising, Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition, & Munchkin Wonderland.

New Releases: 17.10.2017

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Raiders of the North Sea Nominated for this year’s Kennerspiel des Jahres, seek to impress the Viking chieftain with your skilful plundering.

London (Second Edition) Martin Wallace’s classic gets a makeover courtesy of Osprey Games.

The Expanse Board Game A game of politics and conquest based on the Syfy TV show.

Insider Work out who is manipulating your conversation in this quick party game.

Farlight Bid for spacecraft module designs or missions as you assemble spacecraft designed to complete missions of increasing difficulty.

Meeple War Apparently meeples were at war before settling in Carcassonne.

Crossfire Bluffing and deception in the world of Specter Ops.

Red Scare A hidden role/social deduction game involving secret decoder glasses.

Arena: For the Gods! Dive into a universe in which heroes from 6 different mythos fight together for the entertainment of their Gods.

Aeon’s End: War Eternal A standalone game compatible with the cooperative deck-building game Aeon’s End.

Samurai Gardener Construct impressive gardens in this tile-laying game.

Gateway: Uprising Wizards abound! Reclaim the city of Gateway is this deck-building card game.

Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition It’s Axis & Allies on a giant scale.

Munchkin Wonderland Munchkin tumbles down the rabbit hole.

Isle of Skye: Journeyman

Oh My Goods!: Longsdale in Revolt

Catan: Seafarers Scenario – Legend of the Sea Robbers

Dream Home: 156 Sunny Street

Star Wars: Force and Destiny - Ghosts of Dathomir

TorresFlamme RougeRhino Hero: Super BattleFlip ShipsWorld SlamImhotepSentientLost Cities • EXIT Games


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