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New Releases: 23.01.2018

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Filling our shelves next week will be: Hunt for the Ring, Sakura, Cursed Court, Explorers of the North Sea ,Pie Town & Carcosa.

New Releases: 23.01.2018

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Hunt for the Ring A hidden movement game with one player taking the role of Frodo & co., while the other players - representing the Nazgûl - try to hunt down the hobbits.

Sakura An intriguing trick taking game that requires you to avoid collecting tricks.

Cursed Court A game of deduction, bidding and bluffing as you seek to transcend the noble court.

Explorers of the North Sea The Vikings are back in the continuation of the saga started in Raiders of the North Sea. Also available: Raiders of the North Sea: Fields of Fame, Raiders of the North Sea: Hall of Heroes & The North Sea Runesaga

Pie Town A worker-dice placement game featuring apple pies.

Carcosa Carcassonne meets Cthulhu.

Android: Netrunner – Sovereign Sight

Ashes: The Goddess of Ishra

Ashes: The Boy Among Wolves

Nations: The Dice Game – Unrest

Star Trek: Ascendancy – Borg Assimilation

Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game
Master of Secrets Playmat •  Left Hand of the Emperor PlaymatDefender of the Wall PlaymatMistress of the Five Winds PlaymatRight Hand of the Emperor PlaymatThe Soul of Shiba Playmat

Carcassonne: The TowerFalloutRhino Hero: Super BattleCat LadyThis War is MineStar RealmsStar Realms: Colony WarsGame on FireDragonfireJunk Art7 Wonders LeadersKing of TokyoEscape: The Curse of the Temple


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