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New Releases: 25.04.2017

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Android: Netrunner heads in a new direction with Terminal Directive a narrative campaign for the base game. Also out next week Tomb Trader a game of speedy negotiation and Kreus the cooperative planet building game of subtle communication. Plus lots of great re-stocks are incoming.

New Releases: 25.04.2017

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Android: Netrunner – Terminal Directive Netrunner heads into new territory with a narrative campaign expansion that introduces a constantly evolving murder mystery in the Android universe.

Tomb Trader A game of ultra-quick negotiation as you attempt to land the best cut of the available loot.

Pyramids A drafting card game with players constructing edifices to honour the Gods of Ancient Egypt.

Kreus A cooperative game of subtle communication and trust as players work together to create a planet and bring it to life.

Ninja Taisen A two player abstract fighting game of dice.

XenoShyft: Dreadmire A new XenoShyft game that can be played standalone or as an expansion to the original.

Foodfighters A light two-player game of warring foods.

Mega Man Pixel Tactics: Mega Man BlueProto Man RedBass Orange Edition The tactical combat game returns in three editions featuring the cast of Mega Man.

King of Tokyo: Power Up! (2nd edition)

Mystic Vale: Vale of the Wild

Munchkin Curses

Millennium Blades: Crossover Mini

Runewars Miniatures Game: Grassy Field Playmat

HonshuDiamantAbyssCarcassonne: Expansion 5 - Abbey & MayorStar RealmsStar Realms: Colony WarsEpicHappy SalmonTokaidoStar Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game – U-Wing Expansion PackCosmic Encounters: Cosmic Incursion


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